Thanks to its 30-year history, Vetres is leading provider of tailor-made solutions built with fiberglass for several applications:

Hydroelectric power plants


Thermal power stations

Chemical and petrochemical industries

Civil and industrial water distribution

Irrigation Networks

Submarine cables

Thanks to the extensive expertise and experience that we have gathered over the years, our products are extremely safe and durable.

vetres povoletto
silos prodotto da vetres Povoletto

Indeed, we can proudly state that Vetres is made up of a team of experienced professionals capable of producing products of excellent quality.

Meeting our customers’ needs exceeds their expectations is something we have always longed for.

That is exactly why our priority has always been to create a solid structure for our company. Indeed, in our company the technical department works in close synergy with the production one.

Vetres Povoletto

Strengthened by our quality, vetres srl is certificata ISO9001


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