We manufacture various types of GRP pipes and fittings for a wide range of applications.

Our production process is based on some sequential technical procedures that aim to guarantee top-quality products: for example, the outermost linear construction (internal chemical barriers) and the structural reinforcement of the weld (to guarantee the tightness required by the design data).

tubazioni in vetroresina

Pipe types

In Vetres, we manufacture pipes with continuous support (namely, buried along their entire length) and pipes on X-span supports (which means, with supports at a certain overhead distance).

Our production technology is chosen according to specific criteria such as: nominal diameter, nominal pressure, nominal stiffness and joint type.

SWFGD systems

FGD systems

Cooling systems

Aeration systems

Desalination systems

Fire protection systems

Irrigation systems


fibra vetroresina


Our fiberglass fittings are made up by an initial corrosion and diffusion barrier followed by a resistant mechanical layer, which forms the structural wall of the fitting.


raccordo per tubazioni in vetroresina

Fibreglass fittings

We manufacture these fittings:

Bends of any gradation, with short or long radius;

Concentric and eccentric bends at 22.5° - 60°;

Fixed flanges with drilling, on request;

Stub-end flanges for steel or GRP free flange applications;

Free Flanges in steel or GRP with drilling, on request;

Blind Flanges with drilling, on request;

Domed bottoms;

Tee pieces with the same or different diameters.


Prefabrication is an in-house department in which our specialists deal with the assembly of tubes and fittings to create a finished product that is completely ready to be assembled wherever is needed.

tubazioni vetroresina

The prefabrication department of Vetres is structured as follows:

icona asset

In-house engineering department: we provide a professional technical consulting service, aiming to optimise and customise our client’s projects;


Logistics Department: we organise shipments worldwide, following standard international procedures as well as those that are requested by our customers.


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