Fibreglass is a composite material in which the glass fibres are chemically bounded together by the resin, which is an impermeable and chemical resistant material that provides a proper distribution of the stresses.

Due to its outstanding chemical formulation, fibreglass has been increasingly used in a wide range of industrial applications.  

Fibreglass proprieties

Fibreglass artefacts offer a wide range of compelling advantages

The high mechanical strength of the glass fibres and the thermosetting properties of the resin make it a particularly flexible and resistant material.


Moreover, thanks to its unique chemical and physical properties, GRP is not affected by corrosion from UV rays and weathering.

The properties of GRP are diverse:

01.  A high mechanical strength-to-weight ratio;

02.  A strong resistance to acid and basic chemicals (except for solvents);

03.  A minimum ageing of the material, even after several years of use;

04.  A low thermal and electrical conductivity;

05.  The ability to absorb expansion, contraction and vibration.


Our fiberglass products

We manufacture these products in fibreglass:


silos prodotto da vetres Povoletto


vetres povoletto

Maxi Tanks

Pipes and fittings


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