We manufacture large-scale custom fibreglass tanks for the storage of food or corrosive liquids.

Experts in designing and manufacturing fibreglass products thanks to our 30 years’ expertise.

our technology

We implement a specific technology that allows us to reach the perfect balance between glass and resin, resulting in extremely safe, non-toxic and cost-effective artefacts.

We design and manufacture all the machines that are intended to produce the tanks: whenever they cannot be transported due to their size, we offer the possibility to build them directly on site.

Our working method

Customised design

We implement a technical approach that allows us to manufacture fibreglass products of different sizes and types, in order to meet the most diverse requirements of our customers. 

Basic and detailed engineering

Drawing on our technical engineering expertise, we create projects and develop design calculations of the fibreglass products or components required by our customers.

Product Quality Control

We are constantly monitoring the production process, in order to ensure the highest quality fibreglass products.

After-sales service and consulting

Even after delivery, we continue to support our customers with a consulting service so that we can respond in the best way to any need, requirement or request for technical modifications.




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