e Maxi Tanks

We manufacture fibreglass silos and maxi tanks for the storage of granular, chemical and food products.

We provide the opportunity to build our maxi tanks directly on site: given their large sizes, transporting them directly to the place of use can be complicated. Indeed, we are using a patented technology that allows us to build maxi tanks with the same characteristics and quality as those that we manufacture in our factory.

maxi tank

Fibreglass Silos

Our silos are completely waterproof, non-toxic and totally safe, in compliance with all food and hygiene regulations.

silos vetroresina

With a conical bottom, our silos have excellent weather resistant proprieties and require a minimum maintenance compared to silos build with other materials.

Our silos are suitable for the storage of:

Plastic granulates



Road salt




Animal feed

Maxi tanks

Our fibreglass maxi tanks are suitable for the storage of chemical and food products, with a capacity that goes from 200 to 800 cubic metre.

maxi tanks in vetroresina

Our maxi tanks are formed by:

A double anti-corrosive chemical barrier;

A load-bearing structure with an excellent mechanical strength;

An outer layer of paraffined isophthalic resin.


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