We have implemented a specific production technology which is based on the creation of a specific multilayer structure: this allows us to manufacture extremely safe and functional tanks.  

Each section has different characteristics and properties, depending on its function: resistance to chemical attack by any kind of liquids (inner layer), mechanical resistance (intermediate layer), protection from weather and corrosive agents (outer layer).  

Corrosive liquids storage tanks

In industrial plants, corrosive liquids that have to be stored must not, under any circumstances, affect the structure of the tank.

That is why our tanks have a double anti-corrosive chemical barrier: in this way, the formation of cracks that could impair the long-term functionality of the product will be minimal.   

serbatoi in vetroresina

Fibreglass tanks are used in the industrial field, in purification plants as reagent storage containers, for settling tanks and neutralisation tanks.

Storage tanks can be used for:

Basic chemical industry

Secondary chemical industry

Pharmaceutical industry

Tanning industry

Mining industry

Metal industries

Cosmetic industries

Paper mills

Fertiliser production

Detergent production

Fibreglass tanks for food use

Tanks intended for the storage of liquid food must be completely non-toxic in order not to pollute the product which is contained inside.

Therefore, all our tanks are characterised by smooth internal surfaces that counteract the formation of tartar, mould or microorganisms.

serbatoi in vetroresina

We manufacture our tanks by using non-toxic resins and by implementing a production process with specific technical steps such as: oven post polymerization and, gas chromatographic check to verify the absence of styrene and a specific steam sterilisation.

Our tanks are suitable for the storage of:

Drinking water



Fruit juices




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